Tartans Theme Features

The Tartan WordPress theme is robust and easy-to-use, enabling you to have a stylish, search engine friendly website, that works on all platforms and mobile devices. Tested on WP 3.9.1.

Mobile Responsive

Looks and works great on mobiles and tablet devices. Check this site on your smartphone.

Theme Options

In Theme Options you can:

  • select from 100 tartan styles
  • add telephone and email details to top and foot of website
  • add address to foot of website
  • add slogan to top right of website
  • add Twitter button to top right of website
  • add Facebook button┬áto top right of website

Tartan Selector

Simply use the drop-down in Theme Options and choose your clan, to change the website to your tartan…easy peasy….

Image Rotator

Upload unlimited images to the home page image slideshow. This template uses images from the standard digital SLR camera ratio of 3:2. You can set the ration to 4:3 should you require.
No image cropping or resizing is required

Custom Logos

Upload your logo. Use the cropping feature to get the correct size.

Search Engine Friendly

Minimal code, ensuring easy spidering and enabling quick website download times.  Tested on IE 7-10, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome

Works perfectly with Yoast SEO Plugin.

Light CSS and Framework

Very easy to edit the CSS files, should you want to make your own tweaks. No cumbersome coding and over the top use of JavaScript and jQuery in this template…

Clan Member User Profile

Set up a new Clan Member User Profile, which has Plugins, Settings, Editor and Links removed from the dashboard. Perfect for stopping users making a right hash of your website!

Video Assistance

Should your require a hand setting up the Tartans Theme, it comes with specially prepared videos, detailing how to correctly install the theme on your WordPress website.